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Stylish Sports Shoes for Boys

Childhood is a phase when time does not seem to stop, what with the many classes and never ending playtime with friends. If this sounds similar to what your child is experiencing, it is best to always keep them prepared with sports shoes for boys. Sports shoes for kid boys are designed to be comfortable while also looking stylish so opting for them is a win win. The best sports shoes for boys also have health benefits that you would rather not miss out on.

With Metro Shoes's latest range of the best sports shoes for boys, you can find the perfect pair!

Types of Sports Shoes for Boys

Our range is extremely versatile and features options ideal for everyone, regardless of requirements. Here are some popular choices you can check out:

  • Slip Ons: Slip on shoes typically feature no closure laces or buckles. As the name suggests, you simply slip them on and go about your business, which makes them a very convenient option. The upper of these shoes is made of synthetic materials to make sure they offer a firm grip without any discomfort. You can find these shoes at Metro Shoes in a large variety of colours like black, grey, navy blue and more.
  • Lace Ups: Contrary to slip on shoes, these shoes feature laces that you can tie up. These are one of the most popular types of shoes due to many reasons – the top one being comfort. The laces offer you complete freedom over adjustability which you can make the most out of for a solid grip. These lace up shoes also have a textured outsole to ensure zero occurrence of any skidding accidents.
  • Multi Coloured: The appearance of sports shoes for boys is just as important as the comfort. This aspect is wholly looked after with Metro Shoes’s range of solid and multi-colored options. The latter features neutrals like black as a base with pops of fluorescent colour to add some personality to the pair. These are also available with stylish mesh uppers and cushioned footbeds for all day long comfort.

How Can You Style Sports Shoes for Boys?

As sports shoes for boys look great with anything, it becomes very easy to style them. Listed below are some fun outfit ideas you can try out:

  • Opt for slip-on sports shoes for 12 years boy when stepping out for the whole day. Style this with a pair of shorts and a casual t-shirt. The slip-on shoes will free your kid of any hassle of tying and re-tying laces.
  • Go for contrasting lace up white sports shoes for boys when heading out and dress your little one up in a pair of jeans with a printed shirt.
  • Multi coloured shoes also fit great with ethnic clothing so dress your child up in a kurta with jeans and shoes to make up the ultimate indo-western look.

Buy Sports Shoes for Boys Online from Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes has been one of the biggest shopping stores for footwear in India ever since 2000. Over the last two decades, this brand has become the go-to for many people all over the country. Featuring the best options of crocs for women, accessories and more, quality is an assurance in this store. You can shop for these men's crocs and such at affordable prices and have them delivered to your doorstep in an instant. Get started!


Sport Shoes For Boys - FAQs

1. Which are the best sport shoes for boys?

There are many great sports shoes for boys available online but lace ups are ideal options. They allow you to adjust the shoe to suit your convenience best – a feature that comes in handy on both the playing field and otherwise.

2. Are sports shoes comfortable for running?

Yes, sports shoes for boys are extremely comfortable for running. Sport shoes are designed to be comfortable and absorb impact during activities. As sports and running are both high intensity activities, the shoes can be used interchangeably. The cushioned footbed combined with the shock-absorbing and textured sole is ideal.

3. Things to keep in mind before buying sports shoes for kids.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying sports shoes for boys to make the right purchase:

  • Go for the right size as the wrong size, whether bigger or smaller, can cause discomfort and even injuries.
  • Choose a design based on what you are shopping for to get the best option both in terms of build and style.


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