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Jutis For Men

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Step Into Tradition With Exclusive Men's Jutis Selection At Metro Shoes

Embrace tradition with our curated range of men's jutis, originating from Punjab. Explore unique designer, fancy, and formal options perfect for any occasion.

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Essential Ethnic Footwear: Men's Juti Selection On Metro Shoes

Just like you pay attention to choosing your traditional attire, you must wisely select your footwear too. And what’s better than a perfect pair of men’s juti? The footwear has evolved into an emblem of both culture and history. Not just that, they also provide the perfect finishing touch required to make any ensemble special. 

If you want to achieve a regal look on special occasions, then check out our collection of juti for men on Metro Shoes. Our range caters to every need; so dive in and pick one for yourself.

Explore The Popular Types Of Juti Shoes For Men Online

Our collection offers so many styles that you will never run out of options. Moreover, these popular designs suit every occasion and outfit. So, delve deep into our range to pick your ideal pair. 

Classic Leather Jutis

Leather men’s juti are timeless and therefore they are forever trending. Made from fine leather, they offer both comfort and durability. They blend perfectly with traditional outfits like kurtas and sherwanis. You can count these as formal juti for men too as their classic design makes them a favourite for special events. 

Modern Casual Jutis

These men’s jutis are stylish yet functional. So, when in doubt, pick these! You can find them in many different colours and designs. Since they are lightweight and trendy, wear them on days when you have to attend social events to make a stunning appearance. Remember, you can easily play with casual and semi-formal outfits with these.

Decorative Embellished Jutis

If you like both glam and sophistication in your look, pick these. Featuring beads, sequins, and intricate embroidery, these make you shine. These ethnic shoes for men can enhance traditional outfits effortlessly. Thus, wear them for special occasions like weddings or festivities. 

The Features Of Gents Juti That Make Them Special

Apart from adding a finishing touch to your ensemble, these offer many other visual benefits too. Learn more about their features with us as we have put together a concise guide for you. 

Design Value:

Jutis are especially famous for their unique make. Many of them are adorned with embroidery and embellishments with vibrant colours. These artistic designs turn each pair into a work of art. Also, they add an aesthetic appeal to your ensemble. 


As mentioned earlier, these are well-constructed and therefore durable. Men’s jutis are often handmade by skilled artisans. They employ time-honoured methods honed through generations of practice. Also, high-quality materials like leather and robust textiles ensure they last for years with proper care.

Ease of Wear:

Men’s juti have a slip-on style which makes them very convenient to put on and take off. Their ease of wear is a practical benefit in many settings, particularly in places where removing shoes is a norm. This feature combines both practicality with cultural respect, enhancing their utility, similar to pathani shoes for men.

Ace Your Look With Our Styling Tips For Men’s Juti

A perfect pair of stylish juti for men can level up your fashion sense. And if you are unsure about what to wear with them, allow us to help you with our tips. 

For Weddings:

Pair a stylish pair of men’s juti with sherwani or a tailored kurta-pajama. Choose matching or contrasting colours that complement your outfit. Enhance your outfit further with a statement accessory like a brooch or a turban.

For Festivities

Choose vibrant and colourful men’s juti designs to match the festive vibe. Pair them with elegant attire like embroidered kurtas or jackets. Pick prints consisting of intricate patterns to elevate your ensemble. 

For Casual Outings:

The best part about men’s jutis is that they can be worn with daily wear too. So, opt for casual juti styles made from comfortable materials like canvas or suede. Team them with jeans, chinos, or shorts. This will create a relaxed yet stylish look. Complete your ensemble with sunglasses for a laid-back vibe.

For Celebrations

Make a statement with embellished men’s jutis for special events. Pair them with semi-formal attire like tailored trousers and a dress shirt. This will create a sophisticated appearance. Lastly, add a pocket square to finish off in style.

Shop For The Stunning Men’s Jutis From Metro Shoes 

We understand how important durability and design are when it comes to footwear. Thus, on our platform, you can shop confidently because we provide both. Not just that, you can purchase them at affordable prices too! And if you are unhappy with the product, we provide a perfect 15-day return and exchange policy. So, hurry up and elevate your ethnic wear with men’s juti from Metro Shoes today!


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