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Women shoulder bags

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Stylish Shoulder Bags for Women

Accessories are an essential in any woman's wardrobe, most of all shoulder bags. Designed with short straps that go over your shoulder, these bags are typically quite spacious and ideal for multiple occasions. Needless to say, shoulder bags for women are not only stylish but also practical. You can now carry your essentials in style with the ladies' shoulder bags available at Metro Shoes.

With a collection that features only the best side bags for women, Metro Shoes offers just what you need.

Shoulder Bags for the Win

The versatile and wide range of options on Metro Shoes features just the thing for you, regardless of what your tastes are. Here are some side bags for ladies you should check out:

  • Leather Side Bag: Leather is an organic material that is known for its high durability and endurance in terms of seasons. These shoulder bags are the best to use all year round and you can find multiple options on Metro Shoes to choose from. A classic through and through, you can never go wrong with leather shoulder bags. The options on this online store feature solids, dual coloured and multi-coloured options.
  • Fabric: Fabric bags have their own plus points, especially being easy to clean and handle. Metro Shoes offers many choices of stylish fabric shoulder bags with trendy patterns with cinches, pleats, etc. You can also choose from different types of straps like leather, chain style metal straps, bucket style closure, chain closures and many more. These are also available in vibrant colours that you can use as statement pieces.
  • Synthetic: This is another type of faux leather that is known to be ideal in terms of durability and style. The synthetic lining will make sure the bag looks as good as new for a long time. It also features multiple spacious compartments to help store all your things. These compartments also feature smaller compartments that are made to carry essentials like cash, cards, receipts, keys and more.

The Best of Looks with Shoulder Bags

Adding a shoulder bag to your outfit has the power to elevate it in an instant. These are some fun looks you can put together:

  • Style your leather big shoulder bags for ladies with a modern look of jeans, a pair of pumps and a turtleneck.
  • Go for a black shoulder bag with a black bodycon dress for professional outfits. You can finish this look with formal women shoes.
  • Opt for a small shoulder bag when heading out for casual events. Pair this with a laid back sundress and gladiator sandals.

Buy Shoulder Bags from Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes is a one stop shop destination for men, women and children alike with large ranges of men shoes, accessories and more. With stores available both online and offline, you can shop for shoes as per your convenience. The latest collection offers multiple trendy choices that you can have delivered to your doorstep at very affordable prices. Head over to the range and start shopping!

Shoulder bags - FAQs

1. What is the difference between a sling bag and a shoulder bag?

There are multiple differences between a sling bag and shoulder bag. Here are a few:

  • Sling bags typically have longer, sometimes detachable straps whereas shoulder bags have smaller straps. 
  • Shoulder bags go over your shoulder while sling bags can be worn on the shoulder, cross body, etc.
  • Sling bags are small in size and are ideal to carry tiny essentials. Shoulder bags, on the other hand, are quite spacious and can store a lot of things.
2. Do you change your shoulder bags when the seasons change?

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends as the seasons change, you should definitely switch up bags, too. On the other hand, if you have invested in high quality, stylish bags that will not be affected by the seasons, especially with good care, you can stick to your old ones. It is best to make full use of your bag before moving onto a new one.

3. What are some good sites to buy shoulder bags for women?

Metro Shoes is one of the best sites to buy shoulder bags for men. It has that features trendy options of footwear as well as accessories for men, women and children alike. The available range of shoulder bags on this site is known for its high quality choices that last for a long time and can be used at any occasion.

4. Which are the best shoulder bags for women for regular use?

You can go with a classic leather shoulder bag for women if you are looking for something to endure daily wear and tear. Leather is one of the most durable materials around so with good care, you can use these for an extremely long time.

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