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Women Sneakers

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Choose the right pair of womens sneakers from our huge collection of sneakers at Metro Shoes.

Sneakers are always a great choice for rough use. Select from our similar collection like wedges, mojaris, casual shoes for women and more.

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Women Grey Casual Sneakers

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Women Blue Casual Sneakers

Rs. 999.00 Rs. 2499.00 (60% OFF)

Walk in Stylе: Explore Snеakеrs for Women at Metro Shoes

Sneakers for women have transcended from mere athletic gear to a crucial fashion staple. Many would often have a pair alongside pumps and slippers in the daily wear collection. Embracing versatility, sneakers seamlessly blend with various outfits, from casual jeans to semi-formal dresses, symbolising a perfect union of comfort and style. 

At Metro Shoes, our expansive range of women's sneakers echoes this trend. Crafted with premium materials, these sneakers are not just a style statement but also a testament to enduring comfort and quality. Designed to suit every lifestyle and age group, our collection ensures that every step taken is a stride in fashion and functionality.

Explore Trendy Sneakers for Women at Metro Shoes

Flaunt your taste and make bold moves confidently with a pair of trendy sneakers; buy pairs to go with every mood. Metro Shoes offers you the following alluring collection:

Casual Sneakers: 

]Designed meticulously for everyday wear, these casual sneakers for women are available in diverse styles, from low-top sneakers to slip-ons and more. Crafted with premium linings, these are lightweight, durable, easy to wear, and offer apt ventilation for your feet. Whether you desire a bold look or a minimalistic design, the best casual sneakers for women are available on the platform to complement your casual attire. From classic to modern designs, there is a pair of casual sneakers on the platform to cater to every fashion preference.

Sports Sneakers:

The sports sneakers on the platform are designed to enhance your athletic performance and offer your feet a relaxed fit. They are available in classic variations, including high-top sneakers for women. These sneakers are engineered to offer ankle support that helps avoid unwelcome injuries. Also, enjoy firm traction on the ground while maintaining agility with the best quality outsoles in sports sneakers. Thus, experience an athletic flair and a fusion of comfort and style as you take every sporty stride. 

Pick The Right Pair: Choose Ideal Sneakers for Women

Buying a perfect pair of sneakers was challenging until Metro Shoes entered the footwear industry. It always offers the best; select any pair you like. So, if you are on a shopping spree for the latest sneakers for women, here are some useful tips to help you land the right pair in no time: 

  • Prioritise your style, and pick sneakers that resonate with your personality and are suitable for almost all occasions.
  • The right sneakers for women fit perfectly - tight enough and loose. Ensure there is a gap between your toe and the shoe head. 
  • It is highly recommended to try on new women's sneakers towards the end of the day. This timing is crucial because your feet tend to be at their largest due to natural swelling that occurs throughout the day. This ensures that you get the most accurate measurement of your feet, providing a true-to-size fit. 
  • Understand your arch typе and choosе among the various sneakers for women which provide thе appropriate lеvеl of support. Ensure the sneakers offer the right traction and grip while walking on any surface, helping avoid falls or slips.
  • Considеr the build material, cushioning, weight, and your budget while shopping for sneakers and loafers. If the sneakers have any embellishments attached, ensure they are intact before you use them.

Tips for Maintaining and Clеaning Women's Snеakеrs

Cleaning sneakers for women at regular intervals will keep them at their best. Thus, here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining sneakers for women:

  • Remove loose dirt from the sneaker's uppers, midsole, and outsole with a soft-bristled and dry shoe brush. A clean, spare toothbrush can serve as an alternative. You can also use colored-creams for shoes available on Metro shoes to keep them dirt-free, giving them a polished look.
  • Avoid high-heat machine-drying your sneakers. Instead, air-dry them. It helps maintain the shoes’ shape and structural integrity. 
  • Whеn storing your sneakers for women, stuff thеm with tissuе papеr or usе shoе cabinets. It protects the shoes from creasing and keeps them in good shape even after extended use.

Shop Online Sneakers for Women at Metro Shoes

The type of sneakers you choose reflects your individuality and sеnsе of style. Browse the iconic range of Metro sneakers for women and select the one that meets your style. Our shoes are made of prеmium matеrials that will last you a considerable period. Besides sneakers for women, we also specialize in women's peep toes, ballerinas, heels, and sandals. Just place your orders online seamlessly, grab exciting discounts, and enjoy doorstep delivery. So, log in to the platform now and have a delightful shopping experience!


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