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Discover the ultimate blend of style and functionality with our premium bags.

Crafted for the modern individual, our bags feature durable materials, innovative storage solutions, and a sleek design.

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Women Black Wallet

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Women Maroon Hobo Bag

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Women Clutch

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Women Green Shoulder Bag

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Step Up Your Accessory Game With Our Bags For Women

Bags for women are more than just accessories. They are the perfect finishing touch that completes an outfit and ties the entire look together. Be it a sling or a wallet, each piece is sure to turn heads as you make a statement. 

Metro Shoes brings you a variety of bags online that blend functionality with style. We have everything you need, from a chic crossbody to a roomy tote. Every product in our selection is crafted to enhance your look and simplify your day. Come explore the ideal piece that is just right for you.

Discover The Popular Categories Of Bags For Women

Every outfit deserves the perfect accessory. And we help you have that. We bring you the most trending collection that is sure to suit every occasion. Want to know more about our types? Delve deep into our guide below. 


Do you like multiple compartments and a sturdy structure? Satchel bags are what you need! With them, you can neatly keep all your essentials. Whether you are going to the office or for a weekend getaway, their versatile design will complement both formal and casual outfits.


If you want both comfort and accessibility in a purse for women, then shoulder bags are your answer. They feature a single strap that drapes over your shoulder. This design provides convenient access to your belongings while maintaining a stylish appearance. These bags are ideal for day-to-day use, with enough room for your essentials.


Have a party or evening event to attend? These small and elegant bags are designed to hold just your necessities. You can comfortably carry your lipstick, phone and women's wallet. You can find options from chic to ornate, each being a perfect accessory for elegant attire. 


Totes are the workhorses of the handbag world. These have spacious interiors and robust design that can carry everything, be it laptops or groceries. Ideal for work, school, or a day out, these bags for women ensure that you do not have to leave anything behind. Hence if you are a busy lady who is always on the go, you should definitely have these. 


Nowadays, hobo handbags for women are gaining popularity for their appealing design. Typically made from materials that drape elegantly, these have a soft, flexible shape. On days when you want a boho vibe to your attire, choose these. Additionally, one can keep all belongings safe with their roomy interiors.

Tips To Choose The Right Ladies’ Bag Online

Unsure which bags are your perfect match? Allow us to help you! We have listed below a few factors that you must consider. This guide will ensure that you choose the right piece of accessory for you and your loved ones.

Size Matters:-

Think about what you usually carry. If you all you need is room for your basic essentials, go with a smaller bag like a shoulder or sling. Whereas people who need a larger space, a satchel or tote is ideal.

Colour and Design:-

You should select a color that coordinates with most of your outfits. Some of the best options include black, brown, or grey, as they go with almost any outfit. Also, think about the design. We bring you everything from embroidered and embellished to textured and minimalist. So, opt for a style that reflects your personal taste.

Purpose-Driven Features:-

Consider special features that can enhance the bag’s functionality. This can include convertible straps for a backpack to a shoulder bag. Some might even come with insulated sections for travel or built-in wallets. So, choose a bag that fits your needs perfectly.

How To Care For Bags For Women

Keep your bags for women pristine with these simple tips: 

Regular Cleaning:-

You can follow the basic method, which is to wipe down your bag using a soft cloth. Some bags require more specific cleaning methods, so always refer to the care label.

Proper Storage:-

After use, you must keep your bag loaded with bubble wrap or tissue paper. This helps it maintain its shape. Also, store them away from direct sunlight to protect its colours and material. Additionally, consider storing them in the respective dust bags to prevent dirt accumulation and scratches.

Mindful Usage:-

Avoid overloading bags for women, as too much weight can deform the shape. Be cautious with items that can spill, such as makeup, bottles, etc. 

Buy The Best Bags For Women Today From Metro Shoes

Now, you, too, can elevate your accessory game with bags. Our selection is thoughtfully crafted to match every mood and preference. You will experience quality, fashionable designs, and the best value, all in one place. We provide 100% original products from the top brands! So, why delay? Get your perfect bag today! Buy bags for women today!