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Upgrade Your Style with Top-Quality Men's Moccasin Shoes

Elevate your fashion game with our premium suede and leather men's mocassin shoes.

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Men Brown Formal Moccasin

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Step in Style with A Pair of Moccasins for Men from Metro Shoes

Moccasins for men have always been the quintessential footwear for fashion. They symbolise style and comfort. Metro Shoes takes pride in offering a distinctive collection that perfectly encapsulates these qualities. Our selection of men’s moccasins are not just shoes; they blend traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs. Therefore, whether you are stepping out for a casual meet-up or gathering up for a business meeting, our footwear makes for a must-have choice. 

Find Your Perfect Style with Men’s Moccasin Shoes

At Metro Shoes, each footwear has its own distinctive features. And we want to ensure that our collection of the best moccasin shoes for men can resonate with your personal taste. Therefore, here are some of the explore-worthy options below. 

Classic Leather Moccasins:

These are typically characterised by a prominent seam that runs along the top and a flat or low heel. These leather moccasin mens’ shoes are ideal for formal or business casual settings. 

Woven Moccasins:

These feature braided texture on the upper part of the shoe. This adds a decorative element to the design of the moccasin for men. A woven style is a popular choice for creating an aesthetic look. 

Tassel Moccasins:

Featuring decorative features on the vamp, these blend casual and dressy styles. These moccasins for men are often worn on both casual and semi-formal occasions. 

Perforated Moccasins:

These have a pattern of holes or piercings on the shoe's upper part that serve a decorative purpose. These moccasins for men provide ventilation and are incredibly stylish.

Metal Bit Moccasins:

These feature a metal ornament across the vamp. This type adds a dressier touch to the moccasin for men and is often worn in more formal or business casual settings.

Explore Styles for Moccasins for Men for All Occasions 

Moccasins for men are versatile footwear that can be styled for various events. Allow us to share some of the styling tips to enhance your appearance. 

For Casual Outings:

You can wear woven or canvas moccasins for men with shorts or chinos and a casual T-shirt for a relaxed summery look. You can also opt for suede footwear options, as they go well with jeans and a casual button-down shirt for a polished appearance.

For Semi-Formal Gatherings:

Opt for classic leather or penny-style moccasins for men with dress pants or dark denim. Add a crisp, collared shirt and a blazer to elevate the ensemble. 

For smart- casual office attire, try tassel moccasins with a pair of tailored trousers and a fine-knit sweater or a sports coat. 

For Formal Events:

Choose high-shine moccasins for men or those with subtle embellishments like a metal bit or buckle. Pair with a well-fitted suit and a tie for a sleek appearance. 

You can opt for men’s black moccasins in leather for a polished finish for black-tie events. Ensure your trousers have a proper break so they fall nicely over your shoe. 

For Outdoor Activities:

If you are headed for a more rugged setting, choose moccasins for men with rubber soles for better traction. Pair them with durable pants and with a utility shirt for a functional outfit. 

For a daily of sailing or beachside activities, opt for slip-on style moccasins with rubber-grip soles as they are comfort shoes. Wear them with shorts and a breathable polo shirt.

Reasons Why One Must Shop for Moccasins for Men from Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes is home to various trendy footwear options that meet every individual’s style and preferences. However, apart from this, there are several other reasons why shopping from our platform is a good choice. Let us discover these below. 

Vast Collection:

When you browse our selection, you will find a range of moccasins for men that are a perfect match for every occasion. 


Our collection of Moccasins for men is built to last. With a commitment to sustainability, we ensure that these not only stand the test of time but also support eco-friendly practices, just like brogue shoes


Moccasins for men on our platform are stylish and provide a feel-good element to the wearer’s feet. Each pair is crafted with unparalleled comfort in mind, ensuring that you can wear them all day, whether you are at work or walking in the park.

Shop for Moccasins for Men on Metro Shoes

With Metro Shoes, your next pair of moccasins for men is just a click away. Our online platform makes shopping easy, enjoyable, and secure. We provide easy navigation features that help you find your best pair in the comfort of your home. So, why wait? Hurry up and buy moccasins for men now! You can also scroll through our exclusive collection of lace-up shoes.

Men’s Moccasins - FAQs

1. Can men’s moccasins be worn on casual as well as on formal wear?

Thanks to moccasins’ versatile design they can be effortlessly teamed with formal as well as casual wear. Dress moccasins are an excellent choice for formal wear since they enhance your attire well.

2. Which colour is popular in moccasins for men?

At Metro Shoes, you can choose from a plethora of colour choices ranging from exquisite ones such as maroon, brown and wine to classic ones such as grey, white and black. Some of the most popular choices include versatile colours such as beige and tan.

3. Are all moccasins made out of leather?

Although leather is a popular material known for its sturdy and durable nature, not all moccasins are made out of leather. A majority of them are also constructed from suede or synthetic material.

4. Where can we find the best leather moccasins for men online?

Metro Shoes is the ideal place to shop for the best leather moccasins for men online. Thanks to the plethora of choices and affordable prices, our website is your best bet to shop for all the latest footwear. 


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