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Women Belts

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From glossy belts to the classic leather ones, we have all your favorite picks in women's belts.

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Flaunt your Figure with Belts from Metro 

Belts today are used for more fashion purposes than their practical purpose. There are countless ways in which you can style waist belts for women. They have now become accessories that can complement your outfits really well. If you are looking to buy some premium quality and stylish leather belts for women, visit Metro today. Continue reading here to know more about our amazing collection. 

Metro’s Versatile Range of Belts for Women

Our collection of stylish belts for women will add the missing charm to your outfit. Listed below are a few of the many types of belts for women showcased on our platform. 

  • Formal Belts: Generally crafted in leather, these belts come in a simple texture and sophisticated colours such as black, brown and tan. They have a simple buckle and are the perfect fit for your formal attire.
  • Studded Belts: These designer belts for women are embellished with metal or plastic adornments that add texture to the belts and give them a funky look. These belts for women are an ideal fit if you wish to make a bold statement with your looks. 
  • Chain Belts: These belts look like a link chain. They have a lobster-claw buckle and some embellishments. Crafted in metal or plastic, these belts give you a delicate look.  
  • Skinny Belts: These waist belts for ladies can be worn with formal as well as casual attire. They are crafted in leather or synthetic materials and can accentuate the shape of your waist.

Styling Belts for Women like a Diva 

If you too thought that belts could only be worn with pants and trousers, we have something exciting to share with you. You can now wear belts as accessories and enhance your looks. Here are some style tips for you. 

  • With Formal Outfits: Of course belts are one of the essential components of formal attire. However, you need not limit them to just your pants. Belts can also be worn over your coat to give you a more defined shape. You can also wear them over a formal dress as well. To buy some branded belts for women, visit Metro today. 
  • With Dresses: You can pair a casual floral or a plain dress with a skinny black belt for women to accentuate your figure. Since dresses don’t have belt hoops, you can tuck the extended part of the belt in the part that’s wrapped around your waist.
  • With Kurtis: Simple A-line kurtis may not give you a defined shape. You can enhance the look of your kurti and enhance your overall look by simply adding a chain belt or a dress belt for women to it.  

Buy Women’s Belts Online on Metro

Metro showcases some exciting products and accessories for the ladies, including women’s wallets, bags and more. To shop for women's belts for jeans, all you must do is visit our extremely user-friendly website, check out our collection, select what you like and place your order. Once your order is confirmed, your package will arrive at your doorstep at the promised time. So what’s stopping you? Go and shop for belts for women online on Metro today. 


Belts For Women - FAQs

1. How do I buy the best lady's leather belts online?

Shopping for genuine leather items can be tricky, especially while shopping online. The products you may receive may not be the exact same product that were displayed. The quality may not be premium either. However, you will not face these issues while shopping on Metro. We offer premium quality genuine belts only. 

2. What are the best-looking leather belts for women?

All leather belts for women look best. However, black, brown and tan colours give a more authentic leather feel and look extremely elegant. If you wish to buy such gorgeous leather belts for women online, visit Metro today.

3. What are the latest designs in waist belts for women?

Some of the latest designs in waist belts for women include poppy colour belts, belts with bold buckles, embellished belts, braided belts, etc. 

4. What colour belt goes with every woman's outfit?

Black and white are two of the most versatile colours that suit all women’s outfits. If you are looking to buy some beautiful black and white belts for women, check out our collection on Metro today.


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