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With our Tote Bags collection, you'll never have to compromise on space.

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A Tote Bag to Hold Your Every Need

A tote bag is the perfect practical bag that can hold just about everything you need. From your laptop, water bottle, important stationery, headphones, and maybe even a pair of comfortable sandals, a tote bag can house everything. Gone are the days when the tiny bags reigned; now is the time for totes to step into their much-deserved spotlight. To our delight, Metro Shoes has these “go big or go home” tote bags for women and men. With Metro Shoes’ wide range of stylish tote bags, men and women can carry all their must-haves without a hassle. 

Find The Perfect Tote Bag for You by Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes has a stunning range of tote handbags. Just because the trend is to carry over-the-top huge bags for your essentials does not mean they have to look sloppy or frumpy. Our collection offers sharp and stylish designs of branded tote bags that are truly a sight to behold. Scroll through our line-up of tote bags online to find your fit:

  • Classic Women’s Tote Bag

Available in beige, black, brown and peach, this classic tote bag will never go out of style. A must-have for every hard worker at the office, this timeless bag will fit your whole life in it and exude a sophisticated crafted look that is essential for every professional environment. 

  • Women’s Shoulder Bag

This stylish shoulder tote bag is a wardrobe essential for every woman. It is the perfect bag to pair with your favourite women’s shoes for a long day out. With a lot of storage space and discrete compartments, it is impossible you will forget any of your everyday essentials. Not only that, but you will also have a beautiful style statement, available in attractive shades of blue, tan, beige and peach, on your shoulder. 

  • Mochi Handbag

Just like you have the pair of rainy shoes you prefer for every monsoon season, this vibrant handbag will also become your favourite rainy day essential. Available in light-green and off-white hues with beautiful patterns inspired by nature, these tote bags will have all the storage you need for a rainy day, from your umbrella to your raincoat. Pair them with your Crocs, and you will no longer fear the weather!

  • Tote Bag with a Zipper

If you like to overstuff your tote bag, a tote bag with a zipper is perfect for you. With the safety to ensure your essentials do not spill out on a busy street, the zipper would provide you with the comfort and security to go about your day. Available in navy blue, tan and brown, these tote bags are calling your name!

Shop for Classy Tote Bags at Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes offers a beautiful collection of designer tote bags for men, women and kids. No matter what your need are, they will be satisfied with our grand collection. Head to Metro Shoes online to find the tote bag that resonates with your style and fulfils your needs.

The Ultimate Guide to Tote Bags

Metro Shoes is here to answer any question you may have related to the trending tote bags.


Tote Bags - FAQs

1. What Are the Differences Between Tote Bag and Sling Bags?

It all comes down to the simplest distinction, which is the straps. While a sling bag normally has one strap, a tote bag features two straps for much more comfort, easy access and functionality. 

2. Can Tote Bag Be Used for Casual and Professional Look?

Yes, a tote bag can be used for both a casual and a professional look. It all depends on the style of the tote bag you buy. For a casual look, our range of shoulder bags and Mochi handbags offers various options. Likewise, for a professional look, opt for the tote bags with zippers and the classics from our selection.

3. Which Colour of Tote Bags Is Most Popular in Party Wear?

While tote bags are popular in every colour as they enhance every style, black and metallic bags in gold, silver and rose gold tones are among the trendiest picks for party wear. Opt for a tote bag in either of these colours to complet your ensemble.

4. Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Tote Bag.

The primal thing to keep in mind is the space you need. While tote bags offer plenty of space, it is essential to understand your needs. If you only want to carry the office essentials, opt for the classics with enough storage for your laptop, chargers and stationery. Similarly, if you like to carry your whole life with you, opt for the larger-than-life options, so you do not have to rush back home anytime soon.



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