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Brogue Shoes: Unique Footwear to Elevate Your Attire

Brogue shoes have been a part of the footwear industry since the late 1700s. The distinctive punched holes in men’s brogues with low heels were initially perforated to drain the water out and walk conveniently on marshy terrains. This practical characteristic soon became a decorative feature and transformed brogue shoes into one of the most fashionable and premium footwear for men today.   

Metro Shoes offers an extensive collection of brogues to let you experience the luxury of this classic, timeless footwear design that has acquired many fans worldwide. So get ready to explore our incredible collection right away!

Discover the Different Types of Brogue Shoes on Metro

Be it for daily work wear or weddings, find the perfect men’s footwear by browsing the different varieties of brogue shoes on our platform and shop the one that suits your personality and style preferences.   

  1. Full Brogue Shoes or Wingtips: These are some of the most iconic and world-famous brogues that come with M or W-shaped wing-like decorative extensions with a perforated toe-cap. These shoes are suitable to wear in both casual and semi-formal outfits. 
  2. Longwing Brogue Shoes: Also known as American brogues, they are characterized by wings that stretch from the shoe top to the center seam of the heel. They slightly have a traditional touch and are ideal for occasions such as weddings, parties, etc. 
  3. Semi Brogue Shoes: This footwear type comes with punched decorative perforations detailing at the center and edge of the toe cap without any wing-like extensions, unlike full brogues. Since their inception, semi brogue shoes have become a staple in business casual attire.
  4. Quarter Brogue Shoes: These men’s boots are quite similar to semi brogues as they feature a broguing design only on the edges instead of decorative perforation on the entire toe cap. It is the perfect footwear to don for business or other formal occasions and looks the best with blazers. 

A Quick Guide to Master the Art of Styling Brogue Shoes

Not only are brogue shoes smart and fashionable, but they also add a dash of appeal and excitement to any formal outfit, thanks to their unique perforations. They are a must-have addition to every man’s closet, and to style them like a professional stylist, here is a short and simple guide.  

  1. Business Casual: For a clean and sophisticated look, pull your skinny pants out of the wardrobe. Slim-fit jeans, when paired with tan brogues, make for a good couple. Next, throw on a solid T-shirt over it and a blazer to complete the look.
  2. Formal: Dress up in a well-tailored plain suit with a checkered tie for work meetings. Then, add a complementing pair of brogue shoes to this outfit to finish this formal attire. To give it a more polished look, wear a vintage timepiece on the wrist.   

Buy Brogue Shoes Online at Metro Shoes

For the charmer in you, brogue shoes are the best footwear to flaunt and make a lasting impression on various occasions. Shop high-quality leather shoes for men from Metro Shoes from the best brands, such as J.Fontini, Davinchi, Mochi, at attractive prices. Besides men’s footwear, you can also explore women’s boots, sandals, and more, to stand out from the crowd and be a fashionista.  

Brogue Shoes FAQs

1) Are brogue shoes considered as formal or casual wear?

Brogue shoes are a must-have style to add to your wardrobe as they can be paired with both formal and casual outfits. They are perfectly acceptable for office wear, smart casuals, and semi-formal occasions. The intricate detailing and distinctive perforations of brogues look stylish, smart, and elegant when paired with the right outfits. 

2) Why do brogue shoes have holes on them?

The modern style brogues resemble the original shoes. The authentic Irish footwear had holes to allow water to drain from the shoes when crossing watery terrains. But, the modern brogue shoes still have perforations to add a distinct feature and act as an adornment to this footwear. 

3) Are all mens’ brogue boots made of leather?

Not necessary, brogues are now available in various materials like leather, suede, canvas, and more. But, leather brogue boots have a unique and lavish appearance that makes them one of the most popular designs worldwide. Also, leather shoes are strong, durable, comfortable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, making them a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe. 

4) Where can I buy trendy brown brogue boots?

You can find the most trending design of brown brogues of top-notch quality at Metro Shoes. Their hassle-free returns and quick shipping policy make your shopping experience better and more joyful. Moreover, the comprehensive inventory of footwear at Metro Shoes lets you shop according to your style preferences which meet the requirements of every individual. 



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