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Men Adidas shoes

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Sporty Adidas Shoes for Men

Classic footwear brands are irreplaceable in most people's collections and Adidas falls right at the top of this list. The company has studied everything there is to know about the creation of ideal shoes for over seven decades and never disappoints.A wise decision would be to always be stocked up on some Adidas shoes for men

Bringing to you the very best of Adidas originals shoes for men, Metro Shoes latest range features a variety you must check out, at once!

The Ultimate Collection of Adidas Shoes for Men

Versatile and stylish, our range has just apair of men's shoes for every occasion. These are some of the top men’s Adidas shoes choices you should take a look at:

  • Adidas Sandals: This is a must-have in every wardrobe, especially as monsoon is closer than ever. These sandals have a textured outsole ideal for slippery slopes and mucky roads, which one will find in abundance during the rains. Available in stylish neutrals of blacks, greys and blues, this is a classic option that suits everyone, adults, old adults and children alike.
  • Casual Adidas Shoes: No wardrobe is truly complete without sneakers and you can have the best from this collection at Metro Shoes. This range features lace-up as well as slip on sneakers, both extremely convenient. The cushioned footbed and mesh upper ensure stability to your feet and the outsole will provide the required grip. You can choose from solid and dual coloured options.
  • Adidas Slippers: These are the most convenient type of footwear, especially around the house and while running errands in the neighbourhood. This category consists of slippers, sliders and thong slippers both with and without the signature Adidas pattern. You can find these in a wide range of colours from black, blue white to neon shades of yellow and red.

What is the Best Way to Style Adidas Shoes for Men?

Here are a few outfits you can put together with Adidas casual shoes for men:

  • Style your grey sandals with a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt. The sandals will ensure no splashes of dirt from your own feet land on your joggers.
  • Wear your Adidas sneakers with a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt while heading out to meet friends. Accessorise with a simple watch.
  • Go for slippers when lounging around in your shorts and a tank top to wave away the heat.

Buy Adidas Shoes for Men Online from Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes is a one-stop shop for everything from women's shoes to accessories. Manufacturing products of top-notch quality with materials like leather, synthetic, fabric, etc. Metro Shoes offers you durable and stylish options. Available at an affordable, Adidas shoes for men price, this deal is too good to be missed out on. Check out the latest collection and start shopping!


Adidas Shoes for Men - FAQs

1. Which is the best Adidas shoe for short men?

Adidas shoes with extra cushioning in the footbed can give you an extra inch regardless of your height. Adidas shoes for men will fit you just fine and the design will offer the effect you are looking for. These shoes also have a textured outsole that makes the Adidas original shoes thicker for a taller silhouette.

2. What are some best Adidas everyday shoes for men?

Opting for Adidas sneakers for everyday wear is a smart decision. Featuring lace up closure, a sturdy upper grip, textured outsole and cushioned footbed, these shoes are the epitome of comfort. Additionally, the design is made to offer convenience and protection against any unfortunate slipping accidents in the rainy season.

3. What are the Adidas casual shoes for men?

This category features casual Adidas shoes that you can wear for laid back occasions like hanging out with your friends, lunch, etc. It features sneakers, slippers and sandals that are extremely comfortable all year round.

4. Where can I get Adidas originals shoes for men?

You can buy high-quality Adidas shoes for men online at Metro Shoes, one of the biggest offline and online stores in India. All the available products are of premium quality that will offer you comfort and stability. The design also caters to your fashion needs with trendy elements that are hard to miss. 

5. What are some good stylish Adidas shoes for men?

The slip on sports sneakers are some of the best Adidas shoes for men. The lack of lace ups makes for an easier option as you can just slip them on before being on your way. Overall, the comfort and style of these shoes are quite often the subject of many people’s fashion tastes.




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