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Men Wallets

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Sleek and stylish men's wallets from our online assortment will add some elegance to your wallet.

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Men’s Wallets - The Ultimate Everyday Carry

One must-have accessory that a man needs is certainly a well-organised wallet. They store everything, including cash, licences, identity cards along with some of our most prized family photos. So now you can stay organised with the utmost ease. That said, the men’s wallets offered at Metro Shoes are smartly compartmentalised to ensure all your necessities are safe and well-arranged.

Explore Various Styles of Men’s Wallets Online at Metro Shoes

The broad selection of men’s wallets at Metro Shoes offers multiple size options to fit perfectly in your pocket. Also, each one comes with a unique design and added functionality. So, let us look at some of the best wallets for men offered at Metro Shoes to help you purchase the right one.

  • Bifold Wallet

    This wallet comes with a fold right down the middle, which divides it into parts. You can keep your cards on one side, and store coins and similar necessities in the other compartment that features a zipped or snap-button pouch. These men’s wallets also have two main sections to store cash.

    • Trifold Wallet

      These men’s wallets come with two folds and can easily fit into pockets. The middle section features a netted cover. In this compartment, you can keep your ID card, easily accessible as soon as you open your wallet. The other two sections are for credit or debit cards. Like the bifold ones, these men’s wallets also provide two compartments for storing cash.

      • Card Holder

        As the name suggests, they feature multiple compartments for storing cards. If you own a lot of debit, credit, or ID cards, these men’s wallets are the ideal choice. They come with either a bifold, trifold or no-fold design. They are quite slim and easy to fit in your pockets. Though they are designed to hold cards, you can store cash in them as well.

        • Money Clip Wallet

          These men’s wallets feature a single fold where you can clip your cash. Just like the buckles in our formal belts for men, these clips are compact in design and reliable. Some of them even come with a loop attached to the side to prevent the wallet from opening easily.

How to Maintain the Quality of Your Wallet

Like the black leather belts offered at Metro Shoes, men’s wallets are made with high-quality leather. This premium material has a glossy finish that can be maintained with a polishing kit. To add to that, here is a quick guide that can help you keep this item in mint condition.

  • Keep Them Away from Direct Sunlight

    To prevent the leather from cracking, limit exposure to sunlight and heat. Keeping the wallet at a room temperature maintains the stiffness of the material.

    • Keep Them Away from Moisture

      Prevent the wallet from getting wet. If it does, wipe it gently with a dry cloth. Ensure to not use a blow dryer, as it might cause shrinkage. Lastly, avoid storing the wallet in damp places.

      • Clean Them Regularly

        Empty your wallet. Shake and blow out all the loose dirt. Consider taking a dry cloth (preferably microfibre) and wipe the entire body gently. Repeat the same process with a leather cleaner.

Buy Men’s Wallets Online at Reasonable Rates at Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes is home to a variety of accessories, such as socks and belts for men. Similarly, we have curated an elegant collection of men’s wallets in a variety of designs. These pieces do not just offer functionality but also look quite stylish. So, browse our extensive catalogue and buy a men’s wallet to store all your essentials!

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