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Choose the best pair of kolhapuri chappals for men from our extensive collection at Metro Shoes

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Get Traditionally Trendy with Kolhapuri Chappal for Men

Indian wear has forever been an ideal blend of style and comfort. Men's Kolhapuri chappals are among the many types of iconic Indian fashion pieces. As the name suggests, Kolhapuri chappal for men originated from the southern region of Maharashtra. The slipper was crafted for the daily use of men who would walk long distances in the hot and sunny regions of rural Maharashtra. Known for its incredible comfort and softness, the Men's Kolhapuri chappal has evolved into a footwear fashion icon. Kolhapuri chappal for men is the perfect alternative to casual slippers or loafers. 

Here are key deciding factors on why Kolhapuri chappal for men is a superb choice for all men and women who love integrating ethnic style into their wardrobe. 

Key Characteristics and Types of Kolhapuri Chappal for Men

Practical and durable, these men’s chappals are artistic pieces of exquisite workmanship. There are multiple methods to identify authentic men's Kolhapuri chappal, including: 

  • Traditionally handmade styles: 

The alluring scent of leather and superb texture make this style a massive favourite for people of all ages. Handmade products come with superb structural integrity and are unique with attention to detail. The Kolhapuri chappal price is affordable considering the material and complexity of design.

  • Single shade style: 

Men's Kolhapuri chappals are traditionally a single shade of brown, the variations may include light brown or dark tan as these shades are closest to natural leather. Most Kolhapuri chappals for men include multiple micro design touches that add to the flair of the footwear.

  • Modern Kolhapuri Chappals: 

Footwear fashion is always evolving and traditional men's Kolhapuri chappals too have undergone a tasteful twist. Keeping to the authentic core design, you can shop for Kolhapuri chappals in shades of blue, red, dual colours and more. These designs of Kolhapuri chappal for men include the ring toe style with a sleek modern twist. 

Perfect for all occasions, casual and formal, Kolhapuri chappals are suitable for both men and women. 

Styling Kolhapuri Chappals

There are many ways to rock a pair of men's Kolhapuri chappals. You would be surprised by the versatility of this footwear to go well with a wide array of outfits. 

  • Festive essentials: 

Comfortable yet stylish Men's Kolhapuri chappals will make a brilliant addition to your festive ensemble. The intricate styling and embellishments make this footwear an eye-catching item. Wear your modern Kolhapuri chappal with a Pathani suit or a pair of trousers and a kurta jacket for a neat and ethnically stylish look.

  • Charmingly casual: 

If you are looking to refresh your look, go bold with an indo-western fusion ensemble. Style your Linen shirt and chino shorts with a suave pair of tan leather men's Kolhapuri chappal. This look exudes confidence with a favour for traditional roots.

  • Everyday essentials: 

Any day is a great day to slide into your stylish Kolhapuri chappals. Every outfit deserves to have a highlight and Kolhapuri chappal for men is the ideal item to complete your outfit. Wear your dark tan Kolhapuri chappal for men with a pair of classic blue denim on semi-formal chinos to bring rich finesse to your look.

Always in vogue and with the ability to make a statement, men's Kolhapuri chappals are perfect for everyone. Take pride in all things traditional and get your pair today. 

The Best Styles of Kolhapuri Chappals on Metro

Home to the wide range of footwear options for the entire family, Metro caters to the taste of everyone. So come find the ideal collection of women's sneakers, men's shoes and much more when you shop online at your convenience. Choose from our full range of shoes for any occasion as well as footwear for home. Metro brings you the best quality products and a hassle-free online shopping experience. Get shopping to find the hottest pair of Kolhapuri chappals for men from Metro today!


Men’s Kolhapuri chappal - FAQs

1. Where can I find good quality Kolhapuri chappals for men?

Shopping online allows you the choice to browse a wide range of men’s Kolhapuri chappals from quality brands. Explore a curated collection of men’s Kolhapuri chappals at Metro shoes online. 

2. What are the things to keep in mind while buying men's Kolhapuri chappals?

Authentic Kolhapuri chappals for men are handmade. These slippers are made from leather which gets softer and more comfortable with extended use. Men’s Kolhapuri chappal may or may not be elaborately embellished, additionally, no nails are used in the construction of the footwear.  

3. Are men Kolhapuri chappals in trend?

There is a huge demand for men’s Kolhapuri chappals in India and abroad. This handmade slipper is incredibly stylish and versatile and goes perfectly well with both modern and traditional outfits. The unique simplicity combined with style makes this product a must-have in your collection. 

 4. Which online store has the best collection of Men's Kolhapuri chappal?

Metro has long been a trusted destination for all kinds of footwear. Shop the collection of Men’s Kolhapuri chappal designs online for the safety of your home. Browse the range of options in Kolhapuri chappals for men and women and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.


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