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Browse through the latest collection of mens boots online at Metro Shoes.

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Enhance your looks with a diverse range of leather boots to choose from. Check out our similar collections like loafers, sneakers & formal shoes, and more.

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Shop Suave Men’s Boots On Metro

In every man’s wardrobe, there must be an assorted selection of clothing, accessories and all importantly, footwear. Go beyond the single pair for all occasions with a smart collection of footwear to keep your look fresh at all times. Men's boots are often ignored hence we are here to let you know why they deserve to be part of your collection. Boot shoes for men are supremely versatile and ideal for that transition from formal to rugged fashion. Men’s boots are easily distinguishable with their bold shape and dominating appearance. Iconic to rockers, bikers, adventurists, and more; boot shoes for men exude strong confidence like no other. 

There are many ways to incorporate male boots into your wardrobe and we are here to help you create the best looks.

The Best Types of Men’s Boots

Boots are not only stylish but also extremely practical once you get comfortable wearing them regularly. Choosing the right pair of men's boots online starts with familiarizing yourself with the many types of styles. 

  • Laced Boots: 

Built like a regular derby shoe, a pair of laced boots are identifiable with the lace-up front and high ankle coverage. Laced boot shoes for men come in a variety of styles with the thickness of lace and eyelets. Lace-up boots offer superior comfort thanks to the highly adjustable front lace to tighten or loosen the fit. 

  • Slip-on boots: 

Sans the laces and eyelets, slip-on boots portray a sleek minimal style that is perfect for formal occasions. Designs may or may not have a dominant seam running across the body. These are incredibly stylish boots for men who love to keep it classy and simple at the same time. Over time, these boots may develop creases over the front but this just adds to the character for a stylish worn-in look. 

  • Zippers and Buckle boots: 

Buckles and boots go hand-in-hand. Boot shoes for men with a buckle make a strong fashion statement. These are also practical as they keep your boots securely on your feet at all times. Men’s boots with zippers are another practical and discreet way to enjoy adjustable comfort on your feet. Both zippers and buckles enable easy wear and removal of boots and keep you comfortable all day long.

The high ankle coverage of boots is simple to wear and goes brilliantly with a wide range of outfits. Pick from a range of authentic leather shades like tan and dark brown, or choose leather boots from classic black or trendy shades of deep brown or maroon boots. 

How to Style Men's Boots

After you have finalized your favourite style of boots, proceed to pair them with your favourite outfits or create a whole new look for yourself. 

  • Rock star Casuals: 

Let your wild side shine with a pair of men’s boots with buckle worn with classic blue denim and a solid colour T-shirt and a retro bomber jacket. Nail the look with a neutral colour palette to allow focus on your boots and your jacket. 

  • Formal and rugged: 

Create a formal, comfortable, and smart look with a pair of lace-up boots. The traditional lace-up style of boots for men will not let you down. Wear these with a pair of chinos and a smart formal shirt. This outfit is super stylish and creates the right balance of neat formals with a rugged touch. 

  • The outdoors look: 

Men's boots are perfect for the outdoors and one with the elements. Biker boots are amazingly stylish when worn with dark jeans. The sleek look of these shoes boosts the appeal of your ensemble tremendously. Lace-up boots with thick under soles are perfect for an outdoor hike or a long day out in the city.

Boot shoes for men create a rugged and tough appearance but you are in full control of your look by choosing the right outfit to fine-tune your ensemble. Choose pairs that are comfortable first and then build your outfit around the choice of male boots. 

Shop for Best Styles of Men's Boots from Metro

Find the best boots for men and many other styles of quality footwear when you shop at Metro. Our selection of men boots online and cool casual slippers for men gives you the choice of quality footwear from leading brands. Shop for men's stylish boots today and step out with new confidence. Remember to choose the pair that is right for you after checking the size chart, find ladies shoes, kids shoes and lots more on Metro. Shop at Metro to get the most value from your purchases and a hassle-free online shopping experience. 

Men’s Boots -FAQs

1. Where can I get various ranges of men's boots online?

Shop for men’s boots online for a plethora of choices. Check out Metro for its stylish selection of men’s boots. The Metro online store stocks only authentic branded products and offers a safe online shopping experience. 

2. What is the proper way of wearing long men boots?

Long men’s boots are built to protect the heel and ankle with the extra coverage, you can wear them like you wear any other pair of shoes. Always wear socks to keep the inner material of the shoes at their best and for the comfort of your feet.  

3. What are some tips to buy best boots for men?

Pick a style that you would be comfortable with for long hours. Boots can offer a completely different experience as compared to other shoes or sneakers. Pick a style that works for your regular ensemble and make your purchase.  

4. Where can we find the best boots for men?

The best place to buy men’s boots is online. The range and price factor advantage allow you to view multiple styles quickly and make an informed decision. Check out Metro shoes online store for the best collection of the season and find authentic products only. 

 5. Do male boots come under formal clothing?

This depends on how you choose to wear them. You can dress up or dress down Men’s boots to suit your ensemble; they are versatile and perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

Formal Boots for Men

So much more than just a practical footwear, formal boots for men are an essential staple in any man’s wardrobe. They are the ideal shoes that can be worn at all times of the day, in summer sunshine or cold winters. With Metro Shoes extensive collection of formal boots, you can buy the shoes and look your best for every occasion.


  • Whether formal or casual, boots are designed with functionality in mind. Formal boots have refined uppers that cover the foot and the ankle to provide protection from water, snow, mud, and other elements.
  • Men Boots also have a little heel for better posture, however, there are a few flat varieties easily available.
  • Boots are designed to provide additional ankle support to the wearer for any vigorous physical activity, along with traction requirements in soles for better grip.


  • Formal boots come in a wide variety of styles, but they are categorised under two types: Chelsea boots and Chukka boots.
  • Dating back to the Victorian era, and made hugely popular by The Beatles, Chelsea boots are iconic for bringing that rock’n’roll vibe to your formal wear. On the other hand, Chukka boots are perfect for semi-casual wear.
  • Leather Boots for that polished, luxurious look that brings an extra oomph to a suit. If you want an elegant, smart-casual look, opt for suede shoes but avoid wearing them in harsh weather conditions.


  • For a bold look that also shows your adaptability, you can never go wrong with brown formal boots. Make an instant style statement by pairing them up with shades of navy blue and green.
  • A classic pair of Boots can uplift your style by a notch immediately. Simple and elegant, they look great with almost any outfit.


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