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Men Tan Formal Boots

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Men's Boots at Metro Shoes: A Comprehensive Guide

Step into a realm where fashion and function converge with Metro Shoes' exclusive collection of men's boots. Start a journey through our carefully crafted selection, where each pair is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and enduring style. Whether it is for a boardroom presentation or a weekend escapade, our diverse range of boots ensures that every step is in sync with your lifestyle and personal flair.

Types of Boots for Men: The Basics

Men's boots come in various styles, each serving different purposes. The following categorisations shall shed more light on the two prominent types:  

Formal Boots for Men:

Men's formal boots exude sophistication and professionalism. Crafted from premium materials like polished leather, these boots feature sleek designs and subtle detailing. Ideal for formal occasions, they pair well with suits. Colours like black and dark brown dominate, offering a timeless look. Their refined aesthetic makes them a staple in a gentleman's wardrobe, perfectly balancing style and formality.

Casual Boots for Men:

Casual boots for men offer a perfect blend of style and comfort. These boots are designed with durability and versatility in mind, using materials like suede and rugged leather. They suit a variety of informal settings, from weekend outings to adventurous treks. Featuring a range of styles, from ankle-high options to lace-ups, and available in earthy tones to bold hues, they complement everyday attire, adding a touch of laid-back sophistication.

Winter-Ready Men's Boots

Our winter-ready men's boots collection is meticulously crafted to tackle the harshest winter elements while maintaining style and comfort. Here is what you can expect:

Enhanced Traction for Slippery Surfaces:

Winter boots should offer more than just warmth. Ours come with rugged, non-slip soles, offering exceptional grip and stability on icy or snowy surfaces. This is vital for preventing slips and falls during winter walks.

Style Meets Functionality:

From sleek, office-appropriate high-top lace-ups to more robust, outdoor-ready slip-ons, our range covers a variety of styles. Whether you are heading to a business meeting or a weekend hike, there is a pair of boots to suit your needs without compromising on fashion.

Support and Comfort for Extended Wear:

Long winter days require boots that can be comfortably worn for extended periods. Ours are designed with supportive footbeds, cushioned insoles, and ergonomic design to reduce foot fatigue, making them ideal for daily wear.

6 Tips for Proper Maintenance of Men’s Boots

Maintaining your men’s boots effectively is essential for their longevity and appearance. Here is a concise guide to boot care:

Regular Cleaning:

Use a soft, damp cloth for routine cleaning. For tough stains on leather, use a specialised cleaner with gentle, circular motions. Avoid harsh chemicals.


Condition leather boots every few months or as necessary. Select a suitable leather conditioner, apply it lightly with a soft cloth, and let it absorb the solution before cleaning away any excess.


Apply a waterproofing treatment suited for leather or suede, testing it on a small area of the boots first. Leather boots can benefit from waterproofing wax, while sprays are better suited for suede boots. Reapply as needed, especially before rainy or snowy seasons.

Proper Storage:

Store boots in a cool, ventilated area, avoiding plastic containers. Use breathable fabric bags for storage. Insert shoe trees or crumpled paper inside the boots to maintain shape and absorb moisture.

Avoid Excessive Wear:

Rotate your boots with other footwear to minimise wear and tear, allowing each pair to rest and air out.

Timely Repairs: Regularly check for wear, especially on soles and seams. Address any issues like loose threads or minor tears promptly to avoid major repairs.

Choosing the Right Size and Fit

"How do I know my boot size?" is a common question among shoppers. Choosing the right size and fit is crucial for comfort and foot health. To determine your boot size, measure your foot length from the heel to the tip of your longest toe. Compare this measurement with Metro Shoes’ size chart for the most accurate fit.

Remember, different styles may fit differently. For instance, moccasin boots might offer a more snug fit compared to Oxfords or brogue shoes. Always consider the width of the boot and the room around the toe area. A good fit should allow some wiggle room for your toes without being too loose.

Trying boots on with the socks you intend to wear is also a good practice. This ensures the boots fit comfortably in real-world conditions.

Shop for Men’s Boots at Metro Shoes

Men's boots at Metro Shoes are a blend of style, comfort, and durability. Whether you are looking for men’s boots online or in-store, our collection offers a vast catalog to suit every requirement. So sign up now at Metro Shoes and elevate your footwear game!


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