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Crocs Brand

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Maximum Comfort with Crocs Brand

From aesthetic appeal to confidence, shoes affect all of it and yet comfort is the element one should prioritise at all times. That is exactly where Crocs come into the picture. Designed to offer comfort above everything else, this is exactly what you need for all your everyday footwear needs. Metro Shoes's latest collection of Crocs brand footwear features options you can flaunt at other occasions.

Stylish and Popular Types of Crocs Brand Footwear

Metro Shoes is the one-stop shop destination for all your Crocs online shopping. Here are the different categories that you can check out to built the footwear collection of your dreams:

  • Clogs: When it comes to the Crocs store, clogs are the classics that people tend to check out first thing. Clogs by Crocs are made of croslite material and feature a comfortable, platform sole that is also backless. The back of these women's sandals, however, is secured by a strap while the front is covered. Its signature is definitely the multiple holes featured in the front to maximise breathability.
  • Slippers: Metro Shoes offers the best men's sandals and slippers from Crocs that will make for very comfortable additions to your closet. These have a V shaped strap that runs all the way from the middle of your toes to the sides of your feet and holds the sole to your foot. These are also available on Metro Shoes in a range of vibrant colours like blue, pink, white, beige and more.
  • Flip Flops: Flip flops are a type of slippers that are typically very light and worn as a casual type of footwear. They feature Y-shaped straps and a patterned sole that provides a sturdy grip on various types of surfaces. You can also find these in kid sandal sizes at Metro Shoes.

Style the Best Outfits with Crocs Brand

Contrary to popular belief, you can easily put together stylish outfits with Crocs. Listed below are some incredibly fun and fashionable looks that you can flaunt with Metro Shoes's Crocs online sale:

  • Clogs are a great option when heading out to the beach so style your favourites with a pair of chino shorts. Tuck in a solid t-shirt in these shorts and layer this outfit with a bold, printed shirt. You can also add a fedora hat for sun protection and accessorise with a belt.
  • Put together a fun yet casual look when heading out to meet your friends. You can wear a pair of neutral coloured slippers with a simple fit and flare dress. Braid your hair to go with the look and add a sling bag to carry all your essentials.
  • Flip flops are also incredibly easy to style and can be worn in casual as well as fancy styles. When heading out for a chic lunch with work friends, style your flip flops with a pair of dark coured paper bag pants and a light coloured tank top.

Buy Crocs Online at Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes is India's biggest footwear store both online as well as offline. Featuring a fantastic collection of high-quality footwear options, Metro Shoes will give you just the right pair for every occasion. With convenient shopping features like excellent customer service, quick delivery and return, etc., you are bound to have the best experience. Check out its latest range of Crocs online and start shopping for your favourites!


Crocs Brand - FAQs

1 . Are Crocs suitable with socks?

Yes, Crocs worn with socks are a very trendy combination right now. You can wear this with casual outfits like oversized joggers, a sweatshirt and a tote bag.

2 . Why are Crocs considered comfy?

Crocs are made of high quality croslite material that is meant to provide ultimate comfort during all seasons. The design also features multiple holes in the front that allows for maximum breathability. Not to mention, the back strap ensures a secure grip so all things combined, Crocs are considered very comfortable.

3 . Can crocs be worn with formal clothing?

No, crocs are mainly a casual or semi casual type of shoe. While there are Crocs shoes available that you can wear with formal clothing, the ideal would be to go for a pair of leather Oxfords.

4 . Is it safe to buy crocs online?

Yes, it is definitely safe to buy Crocs online. As long as you are opting for authentic shopping stores like Metro Shoes, which is one of India's biggest footwear stores, you will definitely get a durable and high quality product!