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Boys Clogs: Where Style Meets Function

Clogs for boys are trendy, cool and extremely comfortable. They are so versatile that they can be worn with almost any type of casual outfit and in all seasons. In fact, they make an ideal pair of rainy shoes for the kids. They are not plain and boring, and assure a firm grip on wet roads along with a perfect fit. If you are looking for some striking clogs for your son, we offer the best options. Keep reading to know more about our collection.

Selection Of Boys Clogs Offered By Metro

Metro Shoes offers an elaborate range of boys footwear. We also feature many options in the boys clogs category. Some of them are listed below.

  • Monotoned Boys Clogs: These are ideal rainy sandals for boys as they have enough perforations for water to drain out. These sandals are designed to feature colour. They have a patterned outsole for grip and a textured footbed for comfort. They have a synthetic upper with a moveable heel strap.
  • Dual Coloured Boys Clogs: These clogs have the same features as monotoned clogs. The only difference is that they have two colours instead of just one. The front is donned in one while the heel strap and outsole linings have a contrasting colour.  
  • Printed Clogs: These can be worn by both boys and girls. These clogs are most popular among the kids as they have attractive prints of cartoons in poppy colours. They have a standard heel strap with a textured outsole and branding on the joints of the heel strap.

Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping For Boys Clogs

While shopping for footwear for kids, there are a few things that parents must consider. Here are some of the factors that will help you buy the best clogs for your baby boy. 

  • Check The Fit: The overall fitting of the footwear must be thoroughly examined to ensure that the child can do his activities in them without any discomfort. Check for minimal movement of the toes inside the clogs, check the fit of the heel strap and check the overall fit by asking your child to walk in the clogs.
  • Grip Should Be Strong: Just like men’s Crocs, boys clogs should also have a firm grip, especially if the footwear would be worn during monsoons. Opt for clogs that have an outsole crafted in rubber or any synthetic material with texture or patterns. 
  • Size Must Be Ideal: For ultimate comfort while walking in footwear, the size of the footwear must be ideal. Be it boys clogs or sneakers, you must always ensure that you get the right size. Do not try and get a bigger size considering that boys in their middle childhood grow fast and may outgrow the shoes sooner than planned. Doing so will cause them discomfort and even some foot problems later.

Buy Boys Clogs Online at Metro Shoes

Whether you’re looking for rainy shoes for women, men, girls or boys, you have come to the right place. On Metro Shoes, we offer the best and most genuine products featured by trusted brands only. While shopping at Metro Shoes, you can expect supreme quality and swift services. To place an order, simply browse through our options, select your pick and confirm your order. We will then deliver your pair of stunning shoes to your doorstep. If you shall have any concerns regarding the size or looks of the shoes you receive, you can return or replace them easily. So go on, shop for boys clogs online at Metro Shoes. 


Boys Clogs - FAQs

1. Are boys clogs comfortable to wear?

Yes, boys clogs are extremely comfortable and provide the right support that kids need while playing and doing other activities. Clogs also ensure foot movement inside for added comfort and ease. 

2. Which colour is most popular in clogs for boys?

Boys clogs are available in countless different colours ranging from classic black and blues to trendy pastel colours. The most popular picks for children, however, are not plain colours but printed designs. You can find generic prints of animals or abstract designs, along with prints of cartoons and around other themes.

3. Can boys clogs be worn throughout the year?

Yes, clogs can be worn throughout the year given their versatile design and style. Although, they are an ideal fit for the monsoons as the perforations on them avoid water clogging in them which causes distress to the child.

4. Where can I find stylish clogs for boys?

The best place to shop for stylish clogs for boys online is Metro Shoes. We showcase the best collection with the latest designs and patterns, and promise quality. All the products listed are offered by trusted brands and are known for their durability.


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