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The Only Pro Shoe Care Guide You Need

Shoe care and maintenance is something everyone needs to know about. With today’s prevalence of rubberised comfort, the art may seem like it has been lost, but we are here to tell you how much it is still in vogue. Whether you romanticise the past decades’ charm and style or not, it is an essential skill that will help your shoes look great, allowing you to look your best at job interviews, weddings, and important date nights. This is why Metro Shoes offers a range of the best in shoe care: Pro shoe care.

Pro, launched in 2016, with its high-quality standards, is the ultimate shoe care brand to invest in. From the Pro shoe polish to the Pro colour shoe cream with applicator, Metro Shoes has it all under the same roof just for you.

Find The Right Pro Shoe Care for Your Needs

Metro Shoes has everything from Pro available right at the tips of your fingers. From Pro colour shoe cream neutral to Pro care shoe polish, discover a world of shoe care products and find the one that suits your needs.

  • Shoe Cream

Before you purchase a Pro shoe care product, it is essential to know your leather and what would work best with it. For smooth leather, Pro shoe cream is ideal and will keep your leather soft and supple; however, it is not created to work on suede. Pro colour shoe cream is available in multiple colours such as black, camel, ocean, neutral, and dark brown. It is made to repel water and dirt whilst renovating the colour and nourishing the leather. 

  • Shoe Polish

Pro shoe polish works best with grained and smooth leather. Pro colour shoe polish is available in an assortment of colours for usage on shoes, jackets, and bags. Please note that Pro care shoe polish is not suited for natural, unfinished, patent, or brush leathers but can be used on all smooth leathers. Pro shine shoe polisher conditions and enriches all smooth leathers with Carnauba wax, which refreshes the leather’s colour and gives it instant shine. 

  • Shoe Cleaner

Pro shoe cleaner is highly recommended for shoes that need regular care and maintenance. It is suitable for all suede as well as nubuck leathers as the rubber erases all stubborn stains while the high-quality sponge restores the leather and removes any dust effectively. 

  • Shoe Boxes 

For the monsoon season, it is advisable to avoid leather shoes, and to preserve and maintain them until the next season, you could use shoe cases available at Metro Shoes. These boxes will protect the footwear from dust, dirt, and moisture that can wear off leather shoes of their flexibility and natural form.

Buy Pro Shoe Care at Metro Shoes

Caring for your shoes has never been easier as Pro shoe care makes the job effortless. Now you can maintain all your shoes like new with quality products. Metro Shoes offers an extensive array of footwear for men, women, and kids as well as handbags, accessories, and Pro shoe care for all your shoe maintenance needs. Explore our range of leather goods such as formal shoes, wallets, and more! Whether you need new loafers for a business casual look or new bags that comprise all your storage requirements and look super chic, Metro Shoes is your one-stop destination.

The Ultimate Guide to Pro Shoe Care

Metro Shoes is here to guide you through shoe care with Pro.


Pro Shoe Care - FAQs

1. Where Can I Get Original Shoe Care Products Online?

Metro has an expansive inventory of the entire Pro shoe care ranges from shoe creams to polishes to shoe shines. 

2. Can I Use Pro Colour Shoe Cream on Leather Shoes?

Yes, each Pro shoe care product is designed to work with different types of leather, so make sure you know your leather before you purchase your Pro shoe care product. Different leathers require different care for their nourishment, so it is important to understand which leather your shoe is fabricated from. 

3. Which Is The Best Pro Shoe Brush To Clean My Sneakers?

Sneakers are made of rubbers that provide natural cleansing. However, choose a Pro gloss brush in dark or light for your sneakers as the handle provides easy handling and is effective in removing dried dirt or dust.

4. Which Is The Best Pro Shoe Polish For My Leather Shoes?

The Pro liquid polish self-shine and the Pro renew leather cream both work well with all smooth leathers and help protect the leather against dirt and dust. Alongside cleaning, they also nourish and renew the leather.

Pro Shoe Care

PRO is a brand launched in 2016 by M.V. Shoe Care, the game-changer in the shoe care and accessories arena. With unmatched quality standards and a pledge towards Make In India initiative, PRO shoe products have transformed how every individual perceives after purchase shoe maintenance. 


Tips to take care of your leather footwear

Leather shoes rotting in the corner of a house is not an unknown phenomenon. People often complain that the quality of a pair of leather footwear was not good enough to sustain. In reality, just how everything precious would need efforts to be preserved, leather shoes demand a little care and attention too! Understanding that it can be arduous for a layman to figure out the after-math of leather shoe upkeep, Metro Shoes is here to take care of your shoe needs and what exactly your shoe needs! 

  • Know your leather:

There are different types of leathers that are out there and the shoes available to the customers are made with these different types. In order to appropriately nurture your leather shoes, it is necessary to know which leather it is fabricated from. For instance, Pro Shoe Cream is idyllic for use on smooth leather and not suede leather. 

  • Gauge the purpose:

There are myriad shoe care products that are suitable for diverse purposes. Before you invest in one, it is essential to assess your need before you run to fulfill the requirement. For instance, Pro clean is ideal if you want to freshen up your soiled leather footwear in a blink. Likewise, Pro Shine promises to be the best friend of your leather shoe if long-lasting luster is what you are seeking! Don’t forget, whether you select Pro shoe polish, shining, or cleaning product, do so in line with the type of leather from which your shoes are fabricated.

  • Store them right:

No amount of carefulness will safeguard your favorite leather boots if you don’t store them right. Ensure that you keep them neatly in the original packaging and follow pertinent foot hygiene to enhance the shoe’s life inside and out!

Buy best

With a plethora of shoe care products in the market, it is merely impossible to understand which one is the right one. Just like our assortment of footwear, Metro Accessories are an embodiment of both quality and cost-effectiveness. Browse through our wide inventory of shoe creams, polishes, and shines to pick the one that fits your requirement. 



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