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Shop from the latest collection of formal, casual & more socks in various colors at Metro Shoes

Choose from the versatile range of premium and quality socks

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Discover Quality Socks at Metro Shoes for Style and Comfort

No shoe collection is truly complete without the perfect pair of socks, an essential accessory for both comfort and style. They complete your footwear, keeping your feet sweat-free and warm. At Metro Shoes, we offer an extensive range of high-quality, branded socks designed to keep your feet comfortable and blister-free. Our collection includes options for every occasion - from specialised sporty options that support active pursuits to classic cotton varieties ideal for daily wear. 

So, whether you are gearing up for a workout session at the gym or dressing up for a formal event, the Metro Shoe socks collection promises to elevate your comfort and style seamlessly.

Discover An Exquisite Range of Socks at Metro Shoes

Whether you are looking for women's socks or ones for kids or men, explore the following collection at Metro Shoes to know what you can expect: 

Ankle-Length Socks:

These ankle-length foot accessories are available in breathable, lightweight fabrics such as cotton. They are designed to be durable and seamlessly pair with regular sneakers and loafers. Appropriate for daily wear by all, they are also popularly used as baby socks and for sports due to their low length and snug fit.

Half-Length Socks:

These foot accessories are ideal for formal events and occasions and offer a versatile extended coverage slightly above the ankle. Available in distinct prints, these woollen and cotton socks help you take every step confidently, whether hosting a formal event or a meeting. 

Full-Length Socks:

Offering comprehensive coverage and extending almost up to the calf, they come in varied designs and patterns. A perfect accessory for formal occasions and cold weather, these can effortlessly look good with boots. Available in quality materials like cotton and wool, these socks prioritise a relaxed fit, making them a staple choice as winter socks.

Four Reasons to Choose High-Quality Socks from Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes simplifies the process of choosing high-quality socks for both men and women. Here is why you should consider our range:

Quality and Durability:

The socks at Metro Shoes are crafted from premium materials, ensuring they are not only durable but also maintain their quality over time. This translates to long-lasting wear and an overall exceptional experience.

Stylish Variety:

Whether you need socks for loafers, sports shoes, or any other footwear, Metro Shoes offers a diverse collection. Catering to various occasions and preferences, you are sure to find a style that suits your needs.

Enhanced Performance:

Designed to support and cushion your feet, these socks are ideal for an active lifestyle. They provide crucial traction inside your shoes to prevent slipping, boosting your performance. Additionally, there is a range of foot care products to maintain foot health.

Seasonal Versatility:

Metro Shoes’ socks are an all-season choice. They offer warmth in cold weather and breathable comfort during the warmer months. Lightweight and adaptable, they are comfortable for extended wear throughout the year.

Benefits of Wearing High-Quality Socks

Be it shopping for the best socks for women or men, remember, procuring high-quality products always brings the following benefits:

Comfortable Fit:

Just like with belts, fit is key with socks, too. Look up the size charts online and ensure the listed product promises a snug yet comfortable fit. It helps reduce friction and prevents blisters. 

Temperature Regulation, Apt Cushioning and Support:

Whether warm socks or insulated ones, high-quality options help regulate foot temperature, ensuring warmth in the cold and breathability in the heat. Extra cushioning and arch support protect your feet during athletic activities.

Tips for Socks Care and Maintenance

While you shop for boy’s socks or ones for girls, maintaining their durability is always on your mind. So, to ensure they have an extended shelf life, here are a few maintenance tips that you can follow: 

Preserve Intricate Designs:

Ensure that the intricate designs on your socks remain intact by turning them inside out before washing them. It helps protect the delicate stitches and prevents snagging on other fabrics.

Fabric Maintenance:

Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners for cleaning your socks, and sun-dry them instead of machine-drying. It helps maintain the softness and elasticity of the fabric for a longer period.

Wash With Similar Colours:

Retain the fresh look of socks by washing them separately with similar colours. It helps maintain their original appearance and avoids colour bleeding, especially if they are new.

Buy Best Socks on Metro Shoes 

Metro Shoes is the best option for buying branded socks for any occasion. The advanced filters help you find the product you are seeking easily. The platform also provides various discounts and offers on different occasions. Also, shop for other useful accessories, like wallets, foot spray, and more. So, place your orders seamlessly and enjoy prompt doorstep delivery.