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WELCOME TO METRO SHOES Welcome to Biion Footwear

Clogs: The Most Comfortable, Practical and Celebratory Shoes

With each passing month, the trend of clogs can be seen emerging in every city street. Clog shoes for women are not just a heavy hitter for our hearts but also our feet! 

Women’s clog sandals are undeniably cool. They offer not just practicality and comfort for our feet but are also a celebratory reminder of the cute bohemian style. With Metro Shoes’s collection of the best clogs for women, find a pair that is right for your style and provides you with the comfort you need from a shoe.

Women’s Clogs by Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes has a diverse range of clogs, from women’s rubber clogs to a vibrant pair of clogs from quirky brands. 

  • Chumbak X Crocs

Crocs are synonymous with clogs. With their collaboration with Chumbak, the modern Indian lifestyle brand, you’ll find a must-have essential for every wardrobe. Inspired by the intricate patterns of ikat and paisleys, some of the most distinguished Indian art forms, the timeless Crocs get a modern Indian spin with three vibrant colour options to choose from. 

  • Classic Crocs 

No other slippers for women have started a revolution around the world as Crocs have. Available in classic colours and marble, unicorn and panda patterns, there is a pair of Crocs for every personality. Feel comfortable, thanks to their lightweight, secure and water-resistant fit.

Shop for Attractive Women Clogs at Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes houses a range of footwear from sneakers, heels, boots and slippers for girls, boys, women and men all desire. A range so impressive from men’s loafers, women’s ballerinas, boys’ sandals and girls’ gladiators, that there is the right type of shoe for every single person out there. Head to our online store and browse thousands of options; you will surely find something you will be longing for! If women’s clogs have caught your eye, Metro Shoes has the perfect line-up waiting for you to shop till you drop.

The Guide to Women Clogs

Metro Shoes is here to let you discover everything there is to know about women’s clogs to help you make an informed purchase.


Women’s Clogs - FAQs

1. Can Women’s Clogs Be Worn Throughout the Year?

Yes, women’s clogs are meant to be worn in any weather and every season. They are perfect for the summer days with their airy designs, for monsoon thanks to their water-proof and anti-slip nature, and the long winter days because of their room to pair wool socks underneath.

2. Can Clogs for Women Be Used to Create a Professional Look?

It all depends on the type of women’s clogs you purchase. To go for a more professional look, opt for neutral colours like black, navy blue and brown so you can pair them with your formal outfits. These basic colours have the advantage of blending with other colour families without risking gaudy combinations. Stick to these classic colours and avoid patterns as they tend to stand out instead of fitting in. 

3. Where Can You Buy Original Clogs Shoes for Women?

Metro Shoes houses all the original Crocs and Chumbak x Crocs collaboration women’s clogs so you can confidently shop for the right design, colour and style that suits your personality. Wearing the original clog shoes for women from our exquisite collection, you are sure to get many compliments and have people asking you about where you got your stylish footwear from. Shopping with us comes with the guarantee of 100% original products so you can enjoy the best quality and have happy feet all the time.

4. Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Women Clogs.

An important thing to consider before buying your women’s clogs is the size. You will need to purchase a suitable shoe size for your feet to ensure you get the most comfort and functionality from your women’s clogs. Remember to clean your women’s clogs regularly to ensure their maintenance. Since they are easy to clean, all you need is a shoe cleaning spray, also available at Metro Shoes, and a handy cloth, and you are all set.


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Top 10 products from Clogs collection

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2 Men Light Grey/Mult Casual Clogs 4495