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Rainy Shoes for a Fun Monsoon

The summer season will change into monsoon in no time at all. Being prepared with the right men and women shoes for unexpected downpours is a must, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. While rainy shoes are often fashion backwards and mainly practical shoes to keep you protected, Metro Shoes is here with its latest collection to offer you a plethora of stylish replacements!

What are the Different Rainy Shoes Available?

The right rain shoes are made of materials like rubber, croslite or PVC. Not only are these women’s and men’s rainy  shoes are waterproof, they are also quite comfortable. Here are some popular rainy shoes you can check out:

  • Rainy Sandals: This category includes comfortable options like crocs with front coverage to ensure your feet do not get wet. These rainy sandals for men also have an ankle strap for the ideal grip. You can find these in multiple colours.
  • Ballerina Women’s Rainy Shoes: If you are looking for stylish rainy footwear for ladies to wear daily use, these ballerinas fit the bill. Made with waterproof materials, these shoes have a textured outsole for stability on muddy roads.
  • Men’s Rainy Shoes: These include casual shoes for men with upper material croslite that is easy to clean. This range of rain shoes for men is equipped with lace closure so you can easily adjust it to your liking.
  • Slides Rainy Shoes for Women: This type of rainy shoes for ladies ,including slip-ons, are designed with multiple straps to hold your feet to the soles. You can find your favourites from heeled and flat options.

How Can You Style Rainy Shoes?

You can style rainy shoes easily just like any other shoes. Here are some fun outfit ideas to try out:

  • You can put together a business casual look with your favourite rainy sandal for men. Pair them with chinos and a tucked in solid t-shirt for the perfect outfit to wear on business outings.
  • Dress in a pair of ballerina rainy shoes for daily trips to the office or college. Wear them with a solid fit and flare dress, accessorise with simple earrings. You can also switch it up with a pair of leggings and a stylish kurti.
  • Rainy men's shoes are perfect for a casual outfit so wear them with a pair of jeans and a solid t-shirt. Layer the t-shirt with a light, printed shirt for fun get-togethers.
  • Women's slides are just the pair you need for a party look in the monsoon. Wear some heeled ones with a denim skirt, a crop top and a denim jacket.


Buy Rainy Shoes Online at Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes is one of India's most popular footwear stores with countless options across many different categories. From men's shoes and women's shoes to kids’ shoes, you can find the most trendy collections to always stay in touch with your most fashion forward self. Made of top-quality material for the ultimate comfort, these shoes are a must have!


Rainy shoes - FAQs

1. Which are the Best Shoes for the Rainy season?

The best shoes for the rainy season are made of waterproof materials like croslite, PVC, rubber and such. These rainy shoes will keep your feet protected from the water at all times and also ensure comfort during the rains.

2. Which are the best formal shoes for the rainy season?

You can go with formal shoes like loafers or boots in the rainy season. Not only are these extremely practical, these rainy shoes will also make for some extremely stylish and professional outfits.

3. How do I select running shoes for rainy weather?

When choosing running rainy shoes, you should keep these important things in mind:

  • Go with a water repellent material to ensure your feet stay dry at all times.
  • Consider features like traction, textured outsole, flexibility, etc. for comfort.
  • Make sure you buy the right size as the wrong size during monsoons can make an uncomfortable experience.
  • Find a pair of shoes that are lightweight as heavy shoes in the water tend to feel even heavier and it is best to avoid that.
4. Which type of rainy shoes is ideal for Women?

Any comfortable and waterproof pair of rainy shoes are ideal for women in the monsoon. You can go with crocs, slippers, slides, ballerinas, shoes, boots and more for comfortable and stylish options. You can shop for these rainy shoes and more on Metro Shoes.

5. What are stylish, waterproof shoes that men can wear in the rain?

Some stylish, waterproof rainy shoes for men are sports shoes, crocs, sandals, slip-on shoes, slippers and such that are ideal for rainy weather. You can shop for these in high-quality options at Metro Shoes, a popular Indian footwear brand.


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