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Infuse Comfort and Style in Your Wardrobe with Brooklyn Crocs

Crocs for women are a wardrobe must-have. Their ergonomic design and premium quality Croslite lend them the foot-to-form build and waterproof properties. There is a fascinating variant of this classic style called the Brooklyn Crocs. These are crafted from the same goodness but feature a wedged platform. The design makes them suitable for dressy events, unlike the conventional option. So get your hands on this highly functional and stylish footwear by browsing the options available at Metro Shoes.

What are the Latest Crocs Brooklyn Wedges Featured at Metro Shoes?

Depending on your style and comfort needs, Crocs Brooklyn wedges come in various designs, colours and builds. The ones featured on our platform can be categorised into the following variants:

Brooklyn Strapless Crocs:

These are designed for women who wish to slide their footwear on and off. The sleek design does not feature back support, making them a highly functional pair of footwear. These Brooklyn wedge Crocs are designed with two straps running across the foot, so the need for any additional support is minimised. You can shop for a variety of colours, such as salmon pink, matte black, olive green, navy blue, and more.

Brooklyn Strappy Crocs:

These are designed for women who wish to add extra support to their ankles. The compact design features an adjustable buckle strap that keeps the foot in place. We have quite a few design variants, some with two straps running across the foot. Others feature a similar design, only with multiple cords creating a mesh-like detail. We have a variety of women’s and girls’ Crocs to choose from, such as in Khaki, off-white, black, gold, and many more.

How can I Make the Most of my Purchase of Brooklyn Crocs?

To make the most of your Brooklyn Crocs, you should care for them properly. Allow us to elaborate on some tips for preserving them for longer and getting the most use of them.

Dry Clean:

Remove any loose dirt or debris from your Brooklyn Crocs using a soft brush or cloth.

Wet Clean:

Soak the Brooklyn Crocs in lukewarm water. Use some mild detergent to get any stubborn stains out.

Spot Clean:

If mild detergent did not do the trick, spot treat with a mixture of soap and baking soda. Use a toothbrush to scrub the surface gently.

Keep Away from Harsh Chemicals:

Avoid using bleach or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the material of the Brooklyn Crocs.

Show Love:

It is a good practice to clean your Brooklyn Crocs regularly to prevent dirt buildup and maintain their appearance.

Shop for Brooklyn Crocs at Metro Shoes

We are reputed for our focus on quality and durability. We strive to provide buyers with men's, women's, girls’ and boys’ Crocs made from high-quality materials designed to withstand regular wear and tear. This focus on quality ensures that the shoes you purchase are likely to last longer, offering value for your investment.

We also keep up with the latest fashion trends and aim to offer stylish footwear options. Our Crocs for men, women and children feature designs that are often in line with current fashion preferences, allowing you to find functional and fashionable styles.

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