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All You Need to Know About the Best Mask for Protection and Style

Given the recent pandemic that hit the whole world, many precautions still exist for people. Rules are necessary for protection- from maintaining a 1-meter distance to regular hand washing. Now that things are more relaxed, it is essential to focus on these practices for personal safety.However, that does not mean you have to give up on style.

Look for a stylish mask for you and your loved ones, available in creative designs and patterns. If you like fun, bedazzled products, those are also available. Metro Shoes provides high-quality face masks. Choose the products you like best.

What Mask Types are Available?

There are a wide array of face masks available in the market. They come in gender-neutral, feminine and masculine designs. In addition, most of the available masks come in one size. So, masks work for all types of people without issues.

The best face mask options are usually cloth-based and most comfortable against the skin. A wide range is available in terms of style, colour, and design.

  • Plain design masks- These are the ones that are made with cloth and feature a plain design or a printed design on them. The visuals are not overly jarring and go well with most types of personal styles that people have. So, if you plan to go to a club or party after a family wedding, you can wear this mask for both.
  • Embellished masks- Many people, including women, prefer a stylish type of mask design. For this, some of the best options include glittery elements, sequins, mirrors and embroidery that create an ornamental look. A masked man can also choose these unique styles to attend a trendy function or to complement their companion.

Tips to keep in mind while choosing the Mask types

When choosing a Face Mask For Men or Women, specific points of consideration are essential. When you are making your choice, focus on the following:

1. Breathability

Yes, wearing a mask constantly can constrict your breathing and make you feel like you are taking in less oxygen. Some masks are made of thick or synthetic material and feel more constricting. Plus, these mask types can lock in moisture underneath that can cause skin infections.

It would help if you opted for a mask made with breathable material. The best ones feature a sturdy but slim layer that is comfortable on the skin and lightweight to allow proper ventilation and reduce moisture build-up.

2. Composition

It is better to go in for mask options made without latex and with hypoallergenic benefits. These are comfortable and safe for everyone, including those with sensitive skin conditions.

3. Comfort

Prioritise comfort when selecting face mask types. The best products use high-quality and light material, with thin and soft fabric.

4. Fit on the face

Check how well the mask fits your face. A mask that appropriately covers the mouth and noise without any wrinkles or gaps is better for users. Some come with nasal bands that make it easier to stick the mask to the face.

If you wear glasses, focus on this factor; those with a bad fit will allow air to pass through the mask and fog up your eyeglasses. Similarly, check the comfort level of the ear straps. Those that are not stretchable can feel uncomfortable, especially on a long day.


Now that you know how to select the best mask, select one that fits your needs criteria the best. Opt for the one available at Metro Shoes if you are interested in a great fit and look while flaunting the mask. The collection of face masks is fun. So, give it a try for yourself if you are looking for a high-quality mask now!


Mask - FAQs

1. Can masks prevent the transmission of COVID-19?

Covid-19 spreads mainly through the air. So, when two people are in close contact, the particles or virus can spread from one to another. This happens via the infected person's respiratory droplets when they talk, cough, or breathe.

Therefore, yes, wearing a face mask can prevent virus transmission. However, for best safety, you must pair this with other preventive measures like washing hands frequently, vaccination, and social distancing.

2. Which brand of face mask is trustworthy?

Multiple brands provide good quality masks. One of the best ones is Metro Shoes. Known for their footwear, the company makes masks a popular accessory and always ensures quality first. From the fabric quality to the build of the masks, the manufacturers uses one of the best material and practices. They also follow compliance regulations carefully, so giving their masks a try is suitable.

3. Which is the best washable mask?

The cloth mask is the easiest to wash. Ensure you follow the wash instructions for these products with fabric variations to avoid wear and tear.

4. What are the most breathable face masks?

Those mask options made with multi-layer filtration methodology are the best for breathability. Check for pore density, stretchability, and hypoallergenic properties.


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